Developers of Newly Popular \'SuperHot\' Game Would \"Love\" to Port to All Three Current-Gen Platforms

Console versions in the plans

During a question and answer session with the game’s fans via email, Twitter, Facebook, the Kickstarter comment section, and other places, the developers of SuperHot expressed interest in bringing the game to Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Q: Console versions?

A: Right now we’re focused on PC/Mac/Linux for the initial release, since we would like to launch the game as soon as it’s ready (and porting takes both time and money). After that we’d love to port SUPERHOT to consoles like the Playstation 4, WiiU and Xbox One.

Superhot, the time-bending shooter from 2013?s 7DFPS challenge, has already smashed its Kickstarter funding goal as well as three other stretch goals.

In Superhot, time moves only when you move. You are not hiding behind cover or resting for reloads. You are dodging through swarms of slow-motion bullets as they streak by your face, sprinting through explosions of glass, and improvising with the guns of fallen foes.


Omar T