From The Developers Who Brought You And Yet It Moves & Chasing Aurora Comes A New Adventure, Secrets Of Raetikon

Austrian developer, Broken Rules has revealed that they are working on a new title, Secrets of Raetikon, set for release before the end of the year. Secrets Of Raetikon is an aerial single player exploration game in three chapters.


Players will embark on a new adventure flying freely through rugged alpine mountains. In the game, players with different skills or playing styles will be able to set their own pace of exploration and the animals you encounter will interact with you and you them. You\’ll be able to lure them, feed them, tease them or let them loose on each other, but it’s duly and jocularly noted that one shouldn\’t fool around with a lynx.


Enter the homeland of wild animals. Encounter ancient machines, scattered over the landscape. Can you unlock their secrets? Will you survive in the wilderness? Do you engage in combat or solve the mysteries of the world peacefully? It’s up to you!

The game is being described as \”a game for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying.\”

Secrets Of Raetikon has been in development since early 2011, starting off from the idea of simulating the dream of flight. While no platforms have been specifically announced for this atmospheric and beautiful looking game, it’s not a stretch of reality to believe that it could end up on the Wii U and/or 3DS.

Omar T