Detective Pikachu writer has awesome concept for Jigglypuff spinoff film

Detective Pikachu writer has awesome concept for Jigglypuff spinoff film

In an interview with ScreenRant, Detective Pikachu writer Dan Hernandez showed interest in making a Jigglypuff solo film. Hernandez thinks there could be an interesting story about the Pokémon’s singing career:

I am interested in Jigglypuff’s singing career. The severe problem of putting everyone to sleep. We love Jigglypuff. I like the weird Pokémon that really want something, and just by their nature, Jigglypuff can never achieve that.

The supposed film would follow Jigglypuff’s struggle as she climbs to stardom. Hernandez also cited reality shows like American Idol as inspiration.

Additionally, Hernandez came up with a title for this imaginary film: Jigglypuff: A Star Is Born. While this emotional story is the inspiration for the idea, Hernandez says, “I feel like I can’t top that.”


Ben Samit and Dan Hernandez also recently expressed interest in a hypothetical Super Smash Bros. movie. So it seems like the duo is really interested in taking on future Nintendo properties.

Interestingly, Samit and Hernandez are not returning for the Detective Pikachu sequel. Oren Uziel, who worked on The Cloverfield Paradox and 22 Jump Street, will be taking over instead. Hopefully, we’ll see more from these two in future video game movies.

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