Detective Pikachu is now the highest-grossing video game film ever made

Detective Pikachu box office

It seems like only yesterday that Detective Pikachu earned a spot as the 2nd highest-grossing video game film of all time. That position didn’t last long, however, as new statistics show that Detective Pikachu has claimed the top spot.

Previously, Warcraft held the title of highest-grossing video game film, with a relatively impressive $433 million. At the time, Detective Pikachu fell short of the record by a mere $4.5 million, and this was already after the most successful video game film debut ever. It seemed like maybe the chance to claim the throne had passed, but thanks to sales this weekend, it now takes the title with $436 million.

Detective Pikachu was already the best-received video game film, according to Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at 67%. As the only “fresh” film on the list, it beats out both Tomb Raider and Rampage by a whopping 15%. But now, the film can wear the most commercially successful crown as well. This double whammy proves that it can do what Ash hasn’t yet been able to accomplish—being the very best.

The question now is how long can Detective Pikachu hold onto its spot at the top. There are a few video game films in the works, including Sonic the Hedgehog, a Mario film, and a sequel to Tomb Raider. Given the history of Mario films and the reception to Sonic and Tomb Raider, it may be a far stretch to say they have the potential to dethrone the Pokemon flick, but time will tell.


Steven Rollins
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