Detective Pikachu full movie is leaked to the internet… by Ryan Reynolds

Detective Pikachu full movie is leaked to the internet... by Ryan Reynolds

Incredibly, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu finally releases this week, but that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds are finished with their bonkers viral marketing campaign for the movie. Today, a YouTube channel called “Inspector Pikachu” (created on May 2, 2019) claimed to leak the Detective Pikachu full movie. Indeed, the video is an hour and 42 minutes long. However, after passing the opening scene, you find that the entire video is just Pikachu dancing to some jolly ’80s synth. Plus, an “R. Reynolds” watermark appears on the video thumbnail itself. Yeah, Warner Bros. and Reynolds rick rolled the hell outta us. Check it out!


Reynolds has really shown with this movie that he has the imagination and the charisma to be a one-man marketing vehicle for at least any comedy film he’s ever in. In the stratosphere of celebrities, he’s proven to be a genuinely lovable one. There are more than a few celebrities who have brought life to beloved fictional characters but are still kind of jerks behind the scenes. Ryan Reynolds, by comparison, just seems to commit like crazy to the projects he believes in, and his enthusiasm is infectious. People notice and appreciate this stuff.

Anyway, we have to get back to watching this *cough* Detective Pikachu full movie, just in case there’s some secret hidden message in those dance steps. Let us know if you will be watching this movie this weekend!

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