Detective Pikachu can be streamed on HBO Now and HBO Go

Detective Pikachu HBO Go HBO Now available

The year 2019 was particularly great for video game films thanks to Legendary Pictures’ Detective Pikachu. Serving as a spiritual adaptation of the 3DS title of the same name, it is the first live-action motion picture to be under the Pokémon license. Alongside Ryan Reynolds who plays an adorably humorous Pikachu, the film provides nostalgia to long-time fans with an action-filled adventure that has a very strong heart. Detective Pikachu was a hit both financially and critically, and if you’ve yet to watch it and have either of the HBO streaming subscriptions then you’re in luck.

With HBO Go and HBO Now, you can pore over all the Easter eggs and references included in Detective Pikachu frame by frame. After you’ve seen it, and you’re looking for more Detective Pikachu, then head over to this article where we have all the details on the upcoming sequel.

If you’re looking for some darker monster hunting, another excellent live-action adaptation of a video game from last year is Netflix’s The Witcher, which sits as the service’s sixth most popular title of 2019. This year and in years to come, we’ll also be receiving the Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Monster Hunter movies. There is the potential for video game adaptations to keep improving their quality!


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