Detective Pikachu: A Christmas case is an impressive fan film

Detective Pikachu a christmas case fan film

Detective Pikachu launched back in 2019 to largely positive reviews, which is a rare feat for a video game movie! Despite the critical and financial success, there are currently no plans for a sequel, and Justice Smith says he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. However, a talented group has taken it upon themselves to create a Detective Pikachu fan film for Christmas.

Written and animated by Jess the Dragoon, Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case draws more from the game than the Ryan Reynolds film. The project was first announced on Christmas day two years ago, and Jess has been hard at work ever since. The finished product is a 50-minute long fan film that Detective Pikachu fans should love. Check it out by clicking below!

Detective Pikachu fan film

A Christmas Case

A Christmas Case opens with Tim and Detective Pikachu sipping on some Ludicolo-served coffee. It’s the Christmas season, but Tim isn’t feeling very cheery, as his dad is still missing. Several months have passed since they solved the Case of R, and the duo has taken a new case. Something strange is going on at the local theater house, and they’re determined to get to the bottom of it. But shortly after they arrive, a mysterious force freezes all the doors shut, trapping them inside with the cast and crew. Could it be the fabled Ryme Ghost?

Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case is quite impressive for a fan film. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of time and effort went into the project, especially the animation. It’s a wonderful celebration of the series and a good reminder that a sequel is coming to Switch… someday.

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