Destropolis brings Nuclear Throne-inspired top-down shooting to Switch


Destropolis is out now on the Switch eShop. As a high-octane top-down shooter focusing on satisfying aesthetics and lots of action, the game hopes to carve out a fanbase from supporters of titles like CrimsonlandAlien Shooter, and Nuclear Throne. Check out the most recent trailer from No Gravity Games below to get a good look at how the game handles fast-paced, futuristic shooting action.

Based on that short and sweet trailer, Destropolis looks like a simple, fun time. The game crafts its combat scenarios with six different types of enemies, an arsenal of fifteen guns, twelve power-ups, and forty skills. That makes for plenty of different ways to have a great time while fighting back threats. To crowd the carnage even more, the game also offers three-play co-op mode. In short, this game appears to have a good deal of content hiding underneath that aesthetically simplistic look.

With just a $6 price tag, Destropolis is pretty painless to try out if you are on the fence about giving it a shot. Additionally, the game is on a 20% launch discount as we speak, and if you own another game by No Gravity Games, that turns into a 40% discount. Is that enough for you to give the game a shot, or will you wait and see what reviews are like? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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