Descenders getting new customization update very soon

Descenders - Switch Gameplay

The spine-tingling extreme downhill jam that is Descenders has been on a Switch for a little while now. Though coming after some other platforms like PC and Xbox, the dev team over at RageSquid is pleased with the game’s overall sales performance across the board. The team reports that there are now 4 million players across all platforms. With that new milestone hit, yet even more content to the game is coming in the form of the new Customization Update.

This new update for Descenders will bring “huge player customization options” to the game. This will include “new body types, new hair colors, new skin tones and more.” This will be an addition to the “nearly 1,000 varied items in the game”, allowing for players to go all out with the look of their rider.

Of course, rider models aren’t the only thing that’s being revamped in this new update. What’s a biking game without new biking courses? Thankfully, the new update will also include three new Bike Parks: Jump City, Rose Ridge, and Ido Bike Park. According to RageSquid, each of these parks “all bring very different experiences, with focuses ranging from massive crazy jumps to intricate woodland obstacle courses.”

Free for all

Despite all of the content that the new Customization Update will include in Descenders, it’s going to be available to all players completely free of charge. You’ll be able to get your hands on the update as early as February 25, which is just a few short days away.

Descenders - Switch Gameplay

Descenders continues to be the premiere downhill biking game. It boasts procedurally-generated levels that invites players to pull off some serious high-speed and highly-technical stunts such as insane jumps, curvy courses through dense forests, and steep descents. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch for $24.99. Though, as of the time of publication, there is currently a sale going on for the digital edition that has temporarily reduced its price to just $18.74. 

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