Deleted PlayStation tweet says Overwatch 2 will launch in 2020

Overwatch 2 launch 2020

Overwatch is one of the biggest games of the generation, but it can be had to keep fans hooked and excited year after year. Blizzard is looking to freshen things up by releasing a sequel with more story missions. The two games will share an online experience, bridging the gap. That all sounds great, but when can we get our hand on it? So far, lead designer Jeff Kaplan is staying tight-lipped and offering no hints. However, a leak may point to a 2020 launch for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 release window leak?

The official Twitter account for PlayStation Brazil recently tweeted out an Overwatch 2 image along with a tantalizing caption. The tweet claims that the sequel is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2020. However, soon after the news began to spread, the tweet was deleted. Thanks to VG247, we have an image of the since-deleted tweet, confirming its existence.


Is a 2020 launch realistic?

At Blizzcon 2019 in November, Kaplan said Overwatch 2 was still early in development. If it really is coming in 2020, that’s a pretty quick development cycle. However, Blizzard is keeping the same multiplayer in place, and they can recycle the game engine and all of its assets. We still don’t know exactly how much new content to expect in the sequel. Perhaps it doesn’t need a lengthy development cycle?  It’s also entirely possible that the PlayStation Brazil account simply got it wrong. Only time will tell.

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