Deemo is first 3rd-party game to receive Nintendo Labo support

Deemo Nintendo Labo piano

Deemo is a rhythm game that has seen releases on mobile devices, PlayStation Vita, and most recently Switch — with one of its defining characteristics being its piano aesthetic. Fittingly, Nintendo Japan’s page detailing titles with LABO Toy-Con support now shows that Deemo will receive an update for the Piano Toy-Con sometime this October.

Unfortunately, as cool as it would be to play the entire game with an actual piano of sorts, this update will not bring with it full support across all of the game’s modes. The website itself lists that “a part” of the game will become playable with the accessory, and upon reaching out to PM Studios’s western PR, we were told that the update is “just a tech demo.”

Nintendo recently confirmed non-Labo Switch titles could receive updates to be compatible with LABO peripherals. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the first title to receive such support last June with the ability to control bikes using an associated Toy-Con, and the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit will be compatible with Mario Kart too.

Even if theĀ Deemo update is minor, what other 3rd-party Switch titles might see Labo integration in the future? The precedent has been set, and all that awaits is to see if other developers plan to support Labo integration themselves.


James Galizio