Deemo II announced with beautiful teaser trailer and lots of melody

Deemo II teaser trailer announcement Rayark Games platforms unspecified

Rayark Games has announced Deemo II, the sequel to rhythm game Deemo that released in 2013 for mobile devices, later for Vita, and finally in 2017 for Nintendo Switch. (Deemo also got a full-scale PlayStation 4 remake with VR support in 2017.) Nothing about Deemo II — including platforms — has been revealed beyond this really beautiful and ambient teaser trailer. It’s kind of worth watching for its own sake as a piece of art, even if you don’t care about the game.

For Nintendo Switch fans, the original Deemo‘s claim to fame is that it was the first third-party video game to support Nintendo Labo, utilizing the Piano Toy-Con. Time will tell if Deemo II enjoys such bells and whistles.

Developer Rayark Games is based out of Taipei, Taiwan and has a branch in Tokyo, Japan as well. They offer an eclectic selection of games, some of which are available on Nintendo Switch, like mech combat game Implosion and story-driven rhythm game Cytus a. I’ve honestly never played a single one of them, but the fact that their doors have been open for eight years already is a good sign that they’re doing something right.

Let us know what you think of this Deemo II trailer tease or of Rayark Games in general.


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