The Hero of Hyrule falls: Link’s Awakening amiibo decapitated by child


Are you folks enjoying the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening? I certainly am because I played for a few hours last night and suddenly remembered I needed to eat dinner. The game is a great remake, and it has a wonderfully stylish amiibo, too. However, it does not appear to be very durable, as evidenced by one Redditor’s tale of decapitated woe.

A decapitated Link cannot adventure at 100% capacity

Redditor Lostmybrakes posted an image on Reddit of a decapitated Link’s Awakening amiibo. How did it get to be in such a state? It was due to the actions of a toddler.

It looks like Lostmybrakes’ amiibo did not last 10 seconds with the child. Of course, Reddit members had a field day with the photo. Here are some choice quotes from the community:

“Time to sacrifice the toddler.”

“Your poor sweet Lonk.”

“Don’t lose your head over it.”

That last one gets bonus points from me because it is an excellent dad pun I would have made.

Enthusiasts, who own frail merchandise, are you surprised amiibos are extremely fragile? Do you wish Nintendo would have incorporated a throwing head attack in Link’s Awakening? Let us know in the comment field below!

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