Deathless DOOM WAD available on Nintendo Switch now

Bethesda Deathless Doom WAD add-on nintendo switch

Bethesda has announced that the Deathless DOOM WAD is now available for free on Nintendo Switch. With the release of classic DOOM games on Nintendo Switch, id Software created a portal to allow for add-ons for each game. Now a new add-on has been made available, and it nets you 25 new levels for free.

Deathless DOOM WAD was created by James Paddock for DOOM (1993). The pack has always been known as ‘Deathless’, and even after all of these years, that hasn’t changed. Paddock has quite the history, having provided the soundtrack to John Romero’s SIGIL and, of course, working on this add-on. The most impressive feature of this 25-level expansion is the fact that it was built in just a single month. Deathless can be downloaded directly from the main menu of the game, but you can check out some screenshots of what’s on offer on the official add-on page here.

There’s no shortage of games on the Nintendo Switch right now. Even if there was, most people are satisfied with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, free add-ons like Deathless provide a fantastic reason to revisit beloved games with a fresh new look. If you’ve already played as much as you can stomach of Bethesda’s base DOOM (1993) game, maybe give this a try between selling Turnips over the weekend.


Jamie Sharp
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