Death end re;Quest Switch release date set for April in the West, offers genre-bending JRPG play

Death end re;Quest release date

Idea Factory International announced the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Compile Heart’s Death end re;Quest at New Game+ Expo 2021, which featured a slew of announcements for several other JRPGs including Disgaea 6.

The story of Death end re;Quest follows a video game programmer named Arata Mizunashi who receives a message from a colleague that went missing over a year prior. He previously worked with Shina Ninomiya on a virtual MMO called World’s Odyssey before her disappearance. However, as it turns out, Shina has been stuck inside the unreleased game the entire time. Arata searches for a way to help Shina out of the bug-infested game but learns that she must first complete it, then get its perfect ending to make it out. The only problem is the 1% success rate of actually unlocking the perfect ending.

While the battles are based on the classic turn-based command battle system, Death end re;Quest offers a few unique twists of its own. In addition to being able to walk around freely during battles, you can change the genre on the fly. Since the setting is a game that is in the middle of development, you’ll get to “install” different genres. This makes it possible to fight monsters in different genres including fighting games, puzzles, and first-person shooter modes.

Check out the Death end re;Quest teaser trailer from NGPX 2021 below:

The Western release date of Death end re;Quest for the Nintendo Switch is set for April 27, 2021. The game is immediately available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.