DealEnthusiast: The Best Deals of the Week (5/29/13)

On Dealenthusiast, I will try each week to recommend some good games for you that are really cheap. Not every game has to be an instant classic or a universal critically acclaimed one. I guess all of you’ve shared at least once during your gaming years the feeling of enjoying a game that’s not superb or perfect. In the end of the day, what can you do wrong with spending five or 10 dollars for a new or used game?

Since we’ll have to wait a little more until WiiU’s next big release and since there are a lot of you who have already played some of the available multiplatform games on other consoles or PC, it’s time to make some use of WiiU’s backward compatibility. Yeah I know; I am probably “really backward”…

However, I don’t really care to be honest because in the end of the day, it’s all about gaming. Retro gaming, new blockbusters, older ones – there are always great games out there for great prices.

I try to avoid the well-known ones like “Mario Galaxy” or “Zelda”, except for the case that I discover some awesome deal online. Most of my searches will be based on Amazon and Ebay, because almost everyone has an account on those services and their deals last a bit longer – especially on Amazon.
I will also keep an eye on games that are a little more “expensive” than others each week, aimed more towards the “collectors“ among of you.

-New and sealed games

Blast Works: Build, Trade & Destroy (Wii)


So let’s start with a “crazy” one. I was really skeptical about that when I saw the cover and read its description. I was even more skeptical about it when I saw gameplay videos on the internet – pure chaos. Even so, somehow it looked… fun to play!

After reading some user ratings of Amazon and Metacritic, I thought to give it a try. Buying it for under 8€ made me even more comfortable with taking a risk on this. In the US, you can find it for 5$!

It’s fun to play, it has a great replay value, but it’s also hard … reaaaaally hard…

Amazon: 7.70-8.50€ / 5.00-8.50$

De Blob


And speaking of “crazy“ and fun games, De Blob is another small gem among those WII releases. It received very good reviews from gaming magazines across the world (82 out of 100 in Metacritic) and even more positive feedback from users and the gaming community. Our readers based in the US will enjoy a nice 9.18$ asking price for a new one, but gamers from Europe might also consider getting a used copy for just 4.73€!

Amazon: 9.18$ / 16.80-17.00€

Metroid: Other M


This is maybe the most obvious part of today’s Dealenthusiast-post. I think that I saw this game having a price cut on various stores more often than any other .

Metroid: Other M differs from the highly rated Trilogy collection, and of course, it isn’t as perfect as his predecessors. But it’s a Metroid game that’s available for less than 10.00$! Do I really need to say something more?

Update: Today we reported about an excellent price drop on \”Metroid Other: M\” via Target. Check out the link.

Amazon: 9.45$ / 11.00-14.00€

Two Used Games For Under 20 €/$

1. No More Heroes


For some strange reason, the sealed copy of the first “No More Heroes” game is pretty high-priced these days, a lot more expensive than its successor. Then again, you have the used copies of “No More Heroes” that are cheap and you can save almost 30-50$/€ by choosing them over the brand-new ones.

Amazon: 10.45-12.00€ / 11.30-13.00$

2. Opoona


A strange little RPG that will give you a good time if you like RPGs in general and if you want to try something different from let’s say Final Fantasy. If I had to give it a rating, I would choose a 7 out of 10 and I would probably put it on par with Crystal Chronicles. You cannot do much wrong in getting it for 8€ and if you’re living in Europe you could also consider buying a sealed copy since its price is affordable (15€).

Amazon: 8.00€ / 13.00-14.00$

Keep An Eye On This…

SNES Classic Controller Wii

Well, I wanted to start this with a rare game that gets more expensive each year, but I thought about this week’s article and I had to mention this again (link). It’s not clear if the SNES Classic Controller Wii will be ever available again in Club Nintendo’s Star Catalogue and that might affect its price on Ebay in the following weeks/months.

This controller was one of the most expensive prices and after playing with it for more than two hours on a friend’s Wii, I decided to collect immediately those 7,000 stars (Germany) in order to get it. But, as lucky as I am, I decided to do so this week…

The prices on EBAY vary and you should try to get it for around 40-50 €/$. Don’t spend too much money on this because you think it won’t be any more available via Nintendo’s catalogue. It might really be just a simple out-of-stock issue.

Nevertheless, keep an eye on auctions about this controller because it suits perfect for VC-Gaming. If you don’t care about originality and the Nintendo seal (and want to risk on the final output), you could also look at this particular auction:



P.S.: I mentioned it already in my post, but I\’ll do it again. If you are an \”3DSEnthusiast\” you should definitely check out our post about Target’s great price drops. Starfox, Street Fighter & more:

Hektor Apostolopoulos