Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition will now include The Bad Seed on the cart

DLC The Bad Seed on cart Signature Edition Games Motion Twin Merge Games Dead Cells Prisoner's Edition

Signature Edition Games unfortunately had to delay its physical release, Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition, earlier this year due to production and distribution pipeline issues. However, these delays have allowed it and Motion Twin to slightly alter the product so that it’s more streamlined. Now, instead of the bundle including a code for the game’s latest expansion, The Bad Seed, that DLC will instead come on the game cart itself, along with Rise of the Giant.

The Bad Seed adds in new areas and enemies for players to fight their way through. The game is built so that the DLC melds with any player’s experience. Be it their first run or their hundredth, it will feel fresh regardless. It offers even more replayability in a game that almost has too much of it. Any fans of roguelikes or soulslikes will find something they love in Dead Cells. The game is more akin to The Binding of Isaac due to the item combination elements. There’s no denying the draw of jumping back in for one more round after each death.

It’s still possible to preorder Dead Cells Prisoner’s Edition on Signature Edition Games’ website. A small number of early preorders will get an exclusive coin from the company to make their copy even rarer. Really though, it’s the prisoner statue that you should be after.

Jamie Sharp
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