De-make: Video envisions Super Mario 64 as a Game Boy title


The Game Boy Mario games are pretty cool. Super Mario Land featured the plumber in a spaceship, Super Mario Land 2 had him wear a pair of bunny ears, and Super Mario Land 3 kicked him to the curb to make room for Wario. But what if the Nintendo 64 never happened and the Big N was forced to make Super Mario 64 on its premiere handheld? It would probably look like the following de-make concept from Nintendo Wire.

Nintendo, start your very own de-make projects

Take a look at the nifty idea below:

Super Mario 8? That does not make sense. After all, there are three games on NES, two on SNES, and three on Game Boy. I have questions!

Nevertheless, this clip is a perfect encapsulation of Super Mario 64 in 8-bit graphics. There are some great sound effects and sprites from various Game Boy games, and the Mario 64 score has been delightfully redone to sound like it’s coming from a handheld. You gotta love how fast Mario takes care of King Bob-omb, too. Is this supposed to be a speedrun?

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on this fun little de-make concept? Would you buy a Game Boy Super Mario 64 if it launched digitally on the Switch eShop? Let us know below.

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