DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee has drawn an imposing Geralt of Rivia

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee draws Geralt, the Witcher

The Co-Publisher of DC Comics, Jim Lee, is a master artist and has been one of the best comic book artists in the world for decades. He also regularly streams himself drawing, in order to demonstrate his technique and provide education to others. Lee is probably best known these days for drawing Batman, but he doesn’t only draw traditional comic book characters. He also draws video game characters like Link, and most recently, he’s drawn Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee draws Geralt, the Witcher

I can’t even wrap my head around how to put all that detail into Geralt’s stomach, let alone everything else in the drawing. Geralt’s chiseled facial features also quickly convey that he is not a dude to screw with, if the severed head he’s holding is not warning enough.

In the video below, which we’ve cued up for you, you can watch the beginning of Jim Lee drawing Geralt of Rivia. Replay video of crafting the final product does not seem to be online yet, but keep an eye out if you’re an aspiring artist in search of tips from a master of his craft.

Let us know what you think of Jim Lee drawing Geralt of Rivia — and whether you think he should draw more characters from the universe of The Witcher.


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