David Hayter hasn’t recorded codecs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate yet

David Hayter Solid Snake

A Q&A panel with David Hayter from Fan Expo Boston 2018 has come to light. Hayter, in addition to being a writer, director, and producer, is the legendary voice actor of Solid Snake. And at the panel, Hayter said he had not yet recorded any codec dialogue for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he has reached out to Nintendo to express his interest in providing his voice.

You can view the Q&A below, cued up to 23:13.

However, the important thing to note here–and other news outlets are forgetting to stress this–is that Fan Expo Boston was a month ago, August 10-12. It’s possible things have changed since then.

Still, it’s not certain if Nintendo intends to record new dialogue at all, if they intend to just recycle dialogue from Brawl, or if Snake will be mute this time around. Fans obviously want Hayter back for new dialogue, but we could live with recycled grunts from Brawl if we have to.


John Friscia
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