Dauntless: Untamed Wilds update arrives on Switch

Dauntless Untamed Wilds Switch

Late last year, Dauntless arrived on Switch, bringing a solid Monster Hunter alternative to the system. Since then, developer Phoenix Labs has continually updated the title, bringing new content every few months. The latest of which is the Untamed Wilds, a new update that expands the world of Dauntless on Switch.

Untamed Wilds offers players a new Escalation, Dauntless’ gauntlet-style challenge. Terra Escalation brings players to the Arbourhome, a new island for behemoth fighting. The new Terra Escalation culminates in a showdown against Dauntless’ newest keystone Behemoth, the fungal beast Agarus.

If you beat the monster, you’ll get some new legendary weapon schematics. The weapons earned from slaying the new monster grant players with a wide area revive ability and will heal players over time. Each legendary weapon also includes two prismatic cell slots, allowing any cell type to be used. The Terra Escalation can be found in the Hunt screen, alongside the existing Umbral, Blaze, and Shock Escalation types.

The new update further brings in a new hunt type simply called “Missions.” Missions combine story, combat, and exploration into a new package, hopefully providing more backstory on the world of Dauntless. Finally, as is usually the case, Untamed Wilds brings a new battle pass into the game, bringing 50 levels of rewards.

Untamed Wilds is out now for Dauntless on Switch.

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