Dauntless: Call of the Void update arrives this week

Dauntless Call of the Void Nintendo Switch release today Phoenix Labs cross-play Stormchasers update

Dauntless, the free-to-play action RPG from Phoenix Labs, is getting a substantial update on June 11. The Call of the Void update will bring a new behemoth (monster), a training grounds area for new players, and a new battle pass, The Relics & Ruin Hunt Pass. Alongside these additions, the developer has said that an evolving narrative will take place throughout the season.

What exactly this will entail remains to be seen, but expect “changes over the coming weeks and choices (players) make will directly impact the narrative arc, culminating in a big surprise when Dauntless’s next content update arrives in July.” It sure sounds like Phoenix Labs is channeling Fortnite and recently Destiny 2 with its live events.


The training grounds addition sounds ideal for those jumping into Dauntless for the first time. The neutral area lets you try out weapons from any class in a safe place. The grounds will also provide insightful combat tips. A new UI system breaks down damage attacks, to let players see exactly how each hit is affecting the behemoth in a fight. As Dauntless follows the Monster Hunter combat mold, it will be useful to know what attacks to use at what time in combat.

A selection of quality-of-life improvements is also coming with Call of the Void. These include a new journal to collect behemoth information, UI improvements, changes to the dodge mechanic, and more. The update launches on all systems on June 11, and the trailer is below.

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