Dark Deity, a strategy RPG, darkens Switch in March

Dark Deity Nintendo Switch release date trailer March 2022

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Sword and Axe have announced that turn-based strategy RPG Dark Deity will arrive on Nintendo Switch with a March 17, 2022 release date. The game originally launched on PC in June 2021, where it garnered a surprisingly positive reception, including at sister site Siliconera. I say “surprisingly” because the visuals are wildly bland, but it’s ultimately the gameplay that counts.

In lieu of permadeath for characters who die, Dark Deity uses a “Grave Wounds” system where a random stat is decreased by 10% upon a character’s death in battle. Expensive items can be used to increase stats though, meaning theoretically you could balance out Grave Wounds accumulated. Meanwhile, the gameplay itself makes uses of varied maps with different objectives, and it sounds like the indie team made some wise choices with the design. The game lasts around 20 hours in total and takes strong influence from Fire Emblem, minus the lack of permadeath. You won’t necessarily pick up on these vibes in the generic Dark Deity Nintendo Switch release date trailer though.

Strategy RPG options aren’t as wall-to-wall packed into the Nintendo Switch game library as Metroidvanias and roguelikes, so if you’ve been hankering for something new, Dark Deity might be the thing in March. Although, obviously, Triangle Strategy is coming in March too, so maybe think of Dark Deity as the budget alternative.


John Friscia
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