Dancing woman who butt-smacks child found in Pokémon Home APK

Pokémon Home dancing woman butt smack child GIF Android APK Pokemon Home

As we reported last night, Pokémon Home is available now on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. And since some people just live to dive into the guts of an application and see what might be hidden beneath the surface, people have been taking a look at its files. On Android in particular, according to GoNintendo, a weird and random GIF has been discovered in the APK (Android Package Kit). It’s of a woman dancing like she doesn’t care who’s watching, and she accidentally TKOs a child walking by with one good butt smack.

It’s fair to say this GIF was likely included in Pokémon Home in error — or that the developers never thought anybody would notice it there in the APK. Skilled nerds being what they are though, dancing butt-smack woman was found immediately. That’s just how the internet works. (Somewhere in the far distance, you can hear Rockstar Games sighing over the Hot Coffee mod.)

Now that this has been discovered in Pokémon Home, it will likely vanish soon. But it’s preserved on Imgur forever, so I look forward to seeing people cosplay as dancing butt-smack woman and child who gets smacked in the face by a butt. That’s just the natural conclusion for things like this.


John Friscia
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