Damon Baker Teases Third-Party Switch Support For 2018

Damon Baker, head of third-party relations at Nintendo, got fans buzzing on Twitter after he teased plans for 2018.

A Twitter user posted a photo of their Switch showing L.A. Noire, Skyrim, Rocket LeagueDoom, and Resident Evil: Revelations with the caption, “Imagine this leaking last year”. Baker replied with a concise, yet effective, response.

I know, right?! I think you’re going to like 2018 as well!”

While Baker obviously doesn’t give any specific details, he’s definitely hinting at strong third-party support for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

What games should come to the hybrid console? Comment below, let us know what titles you’d like to see.

Aric Sweeny
Former Editor-in-Chief, now staff writer here at NE. I'm an English student in California. Let's talk Pokémon.