Daemon X Machina producer talks about a possible sequel

Daemon X Machina producer talks about a possible sequel

Marvelous and First Studio celebrated the second anniversary of Daemon X Machina with a special livestream, which ended with some talk about a sequel by producer Kenichiro Tsukuda.

The Daemon X Machina sequel wasn’t announced during the event, but producer Tsukuda wanted to let fans know that it was happening. However, there’s still a lot to consider and work through, so it might be a while until we get some kind of official announcement from Marvelous and its subsidiary First Studio.

Here’s our translated transcript from the livestream from Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda:

“This isn’t exactly an announcement, but I just wanted to end (the livestream) with a big declaration, that we will make a sequel, or a ‘2,’ if you will. The motivation is there, but I think that we’ll need a little more time for various tests and to think about what to do next. We also want to hire new people. The game content will gradually change as things change over time, so what would be good? That’s where I want to start. I made the declaration for now, but keep in mind that it will take time.”

Daemon X Machina is available for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is also available to play for free in Japan and Europe via Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial until September 19.