Daemon X Machina crosses over with The Witcher 3 in free DLC

Daemon X Machina didn’t exactly explode in popularity, but it was still a solid 2019 hit from Nintendo that brought some much-needed mecha action to the Nintendo Switch. Now, Nintendo and Marvelous want to bring some fresh eyes to the series with a set of big collaboration DLCs for December. The first two DLC packs saw collaborations with Eureka Seven and Code Geass, timely anime franchises with recent film releases that are both about giant mechs and hot-blooded anime action. Naturally, Nintendo kept that brand synergy up by having their third and final collaboration involve… The Witcher 3?

Discovered in data-mines and leaked by the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop shortly before Nintendo announced it themselves, the third set of collaboration DLC for Daemon X Machina brings Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt into the mix as new costumes for your player character, or “Outer”, in-game. While the previous two DLC packs also included new designs for your Arsenal robot based on the mecha from each anime series, The Witcher 3 features no robots to speak of, so we only get character customization items. If you don’t want to rock the entire Geralt or Ciri cosplay, you can also use individual pieces like their hair and scars to customize your existing character.

Still, there are some neat little touches of detail that show just how much thought went into this. For example, the shoulder-mounted blaster of your Outer becomes a flame-blasting Igni sign if you play as Geralt or Ciri. On top of that, their melee strike sees them utilizing their actual swords from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While the two games don’t match up at all thematically, it’s still a relatively timely collaboration; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came to Nintendo Switch this October, and the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher starts streaming later this month.

This collaboration DLC is available for Daemon X Machina right now on the Nintendo eShop. Not only that, it’s free in all regions. Unfortunately, the two previous anime-inspired collaboration packs are still exclusive to Japan as of this writing.


Miguel Moran
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