Daemon X Machina celebrates its pending release with super sexual art

Daemon X Machina art sexual

If decades of their pop culture have taught us anything, it’s that Japan is basically a different world from the United States. Everything is almost the same — but not. Japanese Daemon X Machina Twitter is counting down the days to the game’s big international release (tomorrow, Sept. 13) by releasing one piece of art per day. And yeah, the first couple pieces of art they released were epic and exciting. But today — bam — things took a hard left turn. This piece of art looks like an answer to the question of, “What if we just tried to draw our character Nemesis looking as ready for sex as humanly possible?”

Daemon X Machina art sexual

Look, I’m no prude and I think artists are entitled to do whatever they would like with their creations. So to be clear, I’m actually not condemning thisĀ Daemon X Machina image. What I am doing is saying I think it’s hilariously random and confusing in a uniquely Japanese way. This would never fly in the U.S. Can you imagine if an American artist painted a sexy official poster for a Spider-Gwen movie that had the character in lingerie shoving her crotch in your face while licking her lips? Good lord no. But in Japan? Sure, why not?!

Anyway, here are those other two, more overtly awesome pieces of Daemon X Machina art.

With or without sexual content, there’s no debating Daemon X Machina has some killer art direction.

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