Cyber Shadow will release in fall 2020 with Shovel Knight amiibo support

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The Yacht Club Games Presents livestream has come and gone, providing details on games we expected and some surprises as well. The presentation began with exactly what was expected: more Cyber Shadow. The 8-bit ninja action sidescroller from solo developer Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker, which is being published by Yacht Club, received a cool new trailer. A release date in fall 2020 was revealed, as well as Shovel Knight amiibo support on Nintendo Switch! We have cued up the presentation to the right moment below for your convenience.

“Remember your friends. Remember your training. Defeat those seeking control,” are the words that flash on screen during theĀ Cyber Shadow trailer. Afterward, Yacht Club Games’ Sean Valasco elaborated more, saying the protagonist Shadow has a robot companion named Legion assisting him. Additionally, using Shovel Knight amiibo will grant Shadow a “fairy friend” version of Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight, or King Knight respectively. Shadow’s color scheme will change to agree with that of his fairy.

Those are the big new reveals for Cyber Shadow in this trailer. Are you even more hyped to play this game than before? Just last month, we talked to Aarne Hunziker himself about this game and dug up lots of new details about the project.


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