Cyber Shadow brings epic sidescrolling to Switch this January

Cyber Shadow release date Nintendo Switch January 26 Yacht Club Games MekaSkull Aarne Hunziker

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase announcements have started rolling in: Sci-fi action sidescroller Cyber Shadow from solo developer Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker and publisher Yacht Club Games will launch for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 26, 2021. We’ve been following the development of this epic 8-bit game for quite a while, including interviewing Hunziker himself this past January, and everything we’ve seen sounds great.

You can expect 4-10 hours of gameplay, not including achievement hunting, and uniquely, Cyber Shadow will enjoy Shovel Knight amiibo support on Nintendo Switch. If you really dig the game already though, you may want to consider preordering Cyber Shadow, because its price tag is going to raise by $5 after launch.

Cyber Shadow is the first major non-Shovel Knight IP that Yacht Club Games has gotten involved with, and the publisher has provided Hunziker a great deal of support in all regards with the game’s development. But this is ultimately still a solo creation by a developer with a lot of passion for NES games and the old-school, hardcore action they brought. This ninja sidescroller will be more forgiving than those old games though, presuming you want it to be.

Are you excited that Cyber Shadow is finally going to launch on Nintendo Switch? Tell us what you think!


John Friscia
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