Cyber Gadget releasing new Switch accessory to combat Joy-Con drift

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift lawsuit

For all of the Switch’s wins, there are a handful of letdowns that plague a lot of owners of this hybrid system. One particular issue that seems to have affected most if not all Switch owners after a few months is Joy-Con drift. This phenomenon involves the analog stick of the Joy-Con to register a movement without the player actually inputting it. Often, this movement is stuck in one direction, thus causing the character/vehicle/camera to seemingly ‘drift’ in that incorrect direction. Nintendo has yet to actually formally come out and say it’s solved this issue, but popular accessory-maker Cyber Gadget has stepped up to the plate to do just so.

In the coming weeks Cyber Gadget will release the “Damage Stoppers” accessory for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controller. Following in line with the name, the Damage Stoppers are supposed to help prevent your Joy-Con/Pro Controller analog stick from developing the dreaded drifting issue. As to exactly how this is done and whether or not using the Damage Stoppers is actually effective has yet to be determined, but you can find out if thwy do operate properly when the acceessory launches in early August 2020.

Also, if you happen to be the owner of a Switch Lite, these are listed to be compatible with its analog sticks as well. That’s not too surprising considering the Lite’s analog sticks are the same as a regular Joy-Con.

Stick drift isn’t brought up as much it was just a few months ago (perhaps because there are much bigger life problems right now). Even so, that doesn’t suggest it’s just gone away either. Regrdless, if you have a fairly new or brand-new pair of Joy-Con, you can try putting the Damage Stoppers on them and seeing how well it holds up.

If these are ever imported into the USA, they should cost about $8-10, considering they will cost 748 yen when they launch first in Japan.

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