Legendary video takes a look at cut content from Breath of the Wild


Video games end up having a lot of content cut out of their eventual release. Enemies, characters, items, story ideas…the list is endless. Naturally, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no stranger to this phenomena. Luckily, YouTube channel Nintendo’s Cut Content with Dr. Lava compiled a lot of information regarding BotW‘s axed features from various interviews and concept art. Check it out:

There are some fascinating tidbits discussed in this monotone-voiced video. Here are some standouts:

Team up against aliens

Interestingly, one idea that was tossed out from BotW involved aliens stealing cattle and threatening Hyrule. Link was supposed to team up with Ganon in order to combat this menace. This thread was explored in a Zelda manga and actually has a precedent: Young Link had to fend off aliens in Majora’s Mask. In fact, the aliens were stealing cows from a ranch in that game! What I would have given to see extraterrestrials causing mayhem in BotW‘s massive world.

Extra Divine Beasts

There are only four Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild, which is kind of a bummer. However, Nintendo had ideas for more, including some that looked like crabs, manta rays, and dinosaurs. All of these concepts are shown in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Works, a Japanese book about the history of the beloved title.

Honey, I shrunk Link

Link was intended to gain the power of shrinkage in Breath of the Wild. He would have been able to explore tiny towns and interact with little people. Of course, Link has been microscopic before, in the GBA game Minish Cap. This would have proven to be a tremendous undertaking for a game of BotW‘s size, though, so it was scrapped. I’d have loved to team up with Ezlo again, having him berate me on top of my head. As a Minish, not a hat.

The return of popular items

Other victims of too much ambition: items from previous Zelda entries. Both the Double Clawshot and Beetle were set to make a return in Breath of the Wild. However, producer Eiji Aonuma thought these tools would break some mechanics, especially in the case of making climbing too easy with the Clawshots. Stamina has become a focus of recent Zelda games, after all.

Any thoughts on these ideas that were tossed out? Let us know with a message below!

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