Curse of the Sea Rats Kickstarter ends with more than $273,000

Curse of the Sea Rats Petoons Studio ratoidvania curse-of-the-sea-rats-nintendo-switch

The Curse of the Sea Rats Kickstarter campaign has come to a close. The project managed to generate €242,395, roughly $275,000, from just under 6,000 backers over the course of its duration. Over the course of the campaign the project managed to hit every one of its stretch goals.

Curse of the Sea Rats is a beautiful hand-drawn Metroidvania with a unique story and setting. The game is heading to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2021. It will feature co-op for up to four players locally.

Sergio Garcia, CEO of developer Petoons Studio, expressed in an update post after the campaign ended how thrilled the team is that they had exceeded all of their expectations for this campaign. Indeed, the campaign went way beyond the base goal of $16,690. Thanks to the interest of those who pledged, the game now has a number of additional features. These include a Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language pack, a digital comic book, and a new boss.

Thanks to the backers, three new game modes are also going to be included in the final release. The first, “The Ghost Ship,” is a survival mode. The second, “The Eternal Curse,” is a New Game Plus option. The third, “The Pirate’s Revenge,” is a new hardcore solo mode that the development team decided to unlock following how incredibly the Kickstarter went. This final new game mode also adds a new playable character to the roster.

Curse of the Sea Rats reaching 1600% of the money required to see it finished says something. It’s clear that the art, the story, and just the world that has been created here have impacted those who have backed it in some way. We can’t wait to see it on Nintendo Switch when it launches in the first half of next year.


Jamie Sharp
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