Cuphead toys at Arby’s is a thing now

Cuphead toys Arbys Kids Meals hero launchers papercraft bosses Cuphead Arby's

Has any video game developer in the past decade created as instantly iconic a character as Cuphead? Studio MDHR has spread its massively successful property to the edges of the earth, expanding beyond video games to comic books, art books, and an upcoming Netflix cartoon. But now, the franchise has reached its final frontier, as Cuphead toys have come to Arby’s Kids Meals out of nowhere for “a limited time.”

These Cuphead Arby’s toys aren’t the conventional sort though. Rather, true to the characters’ animated origins, toys consist of four “hero launcher” tokens, as well as four constructible paperwork bosses. A cutesy 10-second clip from Arby’s showcases what they look like and how it works.

On one hand, these Cuphead Arby’s toys are awesome. On the other hand, the five-year-old in me would have much preferred this promotion occur at McDonald’s. Chicken McNuggets are one of the greatest accomplishments in culinary history, and anyone who would say otherwise is delusional.

We (apparently) still have a while to wait for The Cuphead Show! on Netflix, and we likely have even longer to wait for the game’s DLC, The Delicious Last Course. So orchestrating your own desperate battles on your kitchen table with Cuphead Arby’s toys may just have to do in the interim.


John Friscia
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