Cuphead dances with Mario and Banjo in toe-tapping fan animation


While many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players were not over the moon for Byleth to join the fight with Version 7.0 yesterday, there is a new Cuphead Mii Fighter costume on the block that everyone can appreciate. While not as incredible as a full fighter would have been, with their own beautifully-animated stage and lots of tunes, we have a convincing Cuphead skin with the Floral Fury music track. Twitter user @NapoleonChavez_ decided to commemorate the occasion with a fun little animation of Cuphead dancing with new friends Mario and Banjo, who are drawn and animated like old fashioned cartoon characters.

It’s a short and sweet little clip, but it’s a lot of fun to see Cuphead jamming alongside two iconic mascots. You might notice that Mario, Cappy hat and all, looks like he is getting down with his signature shimmy from Super Mario Odyssey, while Banjo is busting out the moves he normally reserves for celebrating finding a Jiggy.

As a side note, Studio MDHR is also in the mood to celebrate their Mii Fighter costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They did so with a $5 discount for Cuphead on the Switch eShop, enabling anyone drawn in by the new costume to save a few bucks on the spectacular full game. It’s a big deal for any indie character to get playable representation in the ultimate crossover game, so commemorations are absolutely in order.

Nick Pearson
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