What is your favorite indie game?


Indie games have been an important, innovative side of the industry for a long time now. The best indie games regularly demonstrate incredible creativity, passion, and love for the medium in a contagious, addictive way. Handheld, accessible systems like the Switch allow indies to shine in a big way, to the point that many Switch owners frequently find themselves diving into indie titles that they might not have otherwise tried. Of all of the indie games you have played, which is your favorite?

Cuphead takes the cake for me, with a special shoutout to Hollow Knight and Celeste. Cuphead is a truly magical game, with an excellent jazz soundtrack, positively gorgeous hand-drawn rubber hose animation, and wonderful gameplay that makes its brutally difficult boss fights shine. With dozens of memorable encounters, catchy tunes, and visuals that are just a constant joy to take in, Cuphead fires on all cylinders and refuses to miss. While the punishing difficulty is a turn-off for some, many of the more challenging bosses in Cuphead are some of my favorite gaming experiences ever, especially Dr. Kahl’s robot. Slowly dissecting the chaotic opening attacks and figuring out a plan of attack that slowly disabled the robot is one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve taken on in a game.

What is your favorite indie game? Why? Let us know in the comments below.


Nick Pearson
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