What is your favorite video game boss fight?

Cuphead 2 may be in development at StudioMDHR

A well-designed boss fight is an exciting way for a game to put a player’s mechanical and strategic mastery to the test. Plenty of boss fights fail to reach this standard, relying on gimmicky tricks and unexciting new mechanics to get a leg up on players, but we aren’t discussing those today. Instead, we are celebrating the best of the best. What is your favorite boss fight in a game?

It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite, but I definitely have to shout out Dr. Kahl’s Robot in Cuphead. While the towering death machine is one of the most challenging boss fights in a game whose entire DNA is challenging boss fights, it’s also the most exciting fight in the game to master and unravel. When you first take on Dr. Kahl, you are confronted with concurrent waves of cramped bullet hell attacks, each stemming from a different part of the robot’s body. They feel impossible to navigate – at first. After dying several times, I slowly pieced together the best order through which to tackle the many different weapon systems, knocking them out one by one and slowly diminishing his attack power. Of course, that’s just one phase of this incredible fight – you’ll also have to navigate some ferocious, satisfying bullet hell segments against Dr. Kahl himself.

What is your favorite boss fight in a video game? What do you love so much about it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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