Poultry attack: Zelda fan art imagines a Wind Waker Cucco assault


There are no innocent Zelda fans. We have all committed sins against innocent creatures. Indeed, I’m talking about the adorable Cucco. These chicken-like animals pose no threat to Link on his quest to slay evil. Yet every gamer has assaulted them to see the infamous Cucco team-up attack. Recently, a user on Reddit paid homage to this phenomenon with a piece of Wind Waker-inspired fan art.

What did this Cucco ever do to Link?!

User u/bvigec posted his drawing on the social media website around four days ago. If you take a close look at the piece up top, you’ll notice Link is dropping rupees while being chased by a Cucco. However, depleting funds is not what is most worrisome about the bird. Rather, it is your very life that is in danger should you pester the poultry.

What makes this painting unique is the fact Wind Waker is one of the few modern Zelda games not to future Cuccos. While it did contain giant pigs, no chickens were to be found throughout the adventure. The only birds in-game are the Rito race, who are more human-like in appearance.

Medli clearly being the most capable of the Rito

Boris Vigec, which is u/bvigec’s full name, created a gorgeous, colorful depiction of carnage. Hopefully, he will create more art showing Link’s darker side. I’m betting on a larger scale picture of a full-on Cucco airstrike.

Enthusiasts, are you a fan of Boris’ art? Did you even notice the lack of Cuccos in Wind Waker? Let us know down below!

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