Crystal Chronicles director elaborates on why local multiplayer is cut

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition local multiplayer cut director Ryoma Araki Square Enix

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was announced on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile to the delight of many, being a revamp of a GameCube game that had revitalized the relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix. Then fans were really bummed out when it was announced the game would not support offline local multiplayer. Director Ryoma Araki has now elaborated to sister site Destructoid on how that decision came to pass.

In essence, it sounds like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition development resources could be focused on delivering cross-play or local multiplayer, but not both. As Araki explained, delivering cross-play to platforms that were already (sans PS4) mobile was ultimately deemed more valuable:

I believe players of the remaster will enjoy the same multiplayer user experience as they did back in the day with the original game. Three of the four platforms that this game will be released on are portable, so even if all four players play on different hardware, they can play together in the same location, or even if they’re physically far apart. Multiplayer was made so that players can choose how to play depending on their gameplay style.

It makes a lot of sense, really. It’s still a bummer, but it makes sense.

Araki additionally clarified how accessing save data will work across platforms with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. He said that “technically, we don’t have a cross-save feature but just a save data transfer feature. This save data transfer feature was built on an existing system that our company operates to use across various projects.” Functionally, it sounds like it will work out to be roughly the same as cross-saves.

Square Enix will launch Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS on Aug. 27, alongside a free Lite version.


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