Crysis Remastered updated to Version 1.4.0 on Switch

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Crysis Remastered was recently updated to Version 1.4.0 on Switch, which is a nice thing to see because the remaster certainly had room for improvement upon its initial release. The patch stamps out a hefty nest of bugs while improving audio and overall performance, making the former PC standout a bit more accessible on Switch. For details, check out the full patch notes below.

Crysis Remastered Patch 1.4.0 – Nintendo Switch

General Changes

Improvements made to Audio.

Improvements made to game Performance.

Bug Fixes

Fixed multiple game crashes.

Fixed a bug where a huge alien structure was floating mid-air at the beach.

Fixed an issue that caused Gyroscope aiming to get stuck sometimes.

Fixed an issue where the Audio synchronization during cutscenes was broken, after attaching/de-attaching joy-cons.

Fixed an issue that caused NPC faces to be too dark during several cutscenes.

Fixed an issue where some distant vegetation was glitching while using binoculars.

Fixed issues with Psycho’s mouth movements while other NPC speaks. (Recovery-village)

Fixed a bug where occasionally the carrier’s elevator could not be activated during the main objective. (Fleet – Reckoning)

Fixed sound attenuation issues working inside building, even when they have been destroyed.

Fixed a bug where corpses appeared dark after being thrown.

Fixed a bug where General Kyong teleported with graphical artifacts. (Mine – Awakening)

Fixed a bug where the HUD did not reload immediately after skipping the cutscene with General Kyong.

Fixed wrong timing of the video played during the videoconference cutscene. (Rescue – Relic)

Fixed an issue where broken glass would disappear, if player broke another glass. (Exodus – Sphere)

Fixed a bug where VOs and subtitles were missing during dialogues with Psycho. (Reckoning-fleet)

Have you had the chance to play Crisis Remastered yet? Did you play it on Switch? If so, what did you think of it? It’s crazy to imagine Crysis Remastered running on a handheld system at all, and hopefully, patches like this can continue to hone the experience as much as possible.


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