Crysis Remastered Switch gameplay leaks, but now Crytek has delayed it

Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch leaked cookie policy page Crytek delay Saber Interactive gameplay trailer

Crysis Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch and other platforms this year, and courtesy of a leak, we now get to finally see it running. The two-minute trailer shows gameplay from throughout the 2007 shooter’s campaign, famous for its lush tropical scenery. On release, Crysis was also renowned for being extremely tough to run on PC, so seeing it run on Nintendo’s hybrid is pretty cool. The Crysis Remastered gameplay trailer leaked via the Nintendo eShop. However, a formal delay announcement for the game on all platforms from developer Crytek has accompanied this leak.

The initial response to the leak has been mixed. I think it looks pretty good for Switch footage. Although, that must not be the viewpoint of everyone, as Crytek has announced it is delaying the game “by a few weeks” for extra polish time. The team says that it has “seen all the reactions – the good and the bad” and that it’s listening to feedback before release. The game was originally intended to launch on July 23.

Although impressive, the Nintendo Switch version of Crysis does remind me of the Xbox 360 arcade release from 2011. That console conversion was notably stripped back from the earlier PC version for content and visuals alike. Crysis Remastered on Switch is intended to deliver the full package though, and hopefully a few more weeks in the oven will be enough for Crytek and co-developer Saber Interactive to provide the stellar technical experience fans desire.

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