Crysis Remastered patch adds more options for gyroscopic aim

Crysis Remastered patch adds more options for gyroscopic aim improved-environment-destruction-in-crysis-remastered-nintendo-switch

Crysis Remastered hit Switch last month, a feat once thought unimaginable for a handheld system. It holds up pretty well too, turning out impressive performance and visuals on Nintendo Switch. There were a few problems though, which have since been addressed by developer Crytek. Patch 1.3.0 is now live, containing a few small fixes, including improvements to gyroscopic motion control implementation.

Players can now adjust gyro aiming sensitivity, providing a wider range of motion control options. On the same topic, Crytek has also added the option to invert gyroscopic aiming, for those of you who prefer that controller input method. Rounding out the Crysis Remastered patch notes, a bug has been fixed that crashed the game if players chose a profile name that contained special characters.

Don’t worry too much if an issue you’ve found hasn’t been fixed just yet. As is evidenced in the tweet, Crytek is listening to fan concerns. The team will roll out updates in the future, so keep an eye on their social media channels.

Elsewhere, Crysis Remastered has just launched in Japan. If you’re based in that region or prefer to pick your games up from the Japanese eShop, Crytek’s shooter is now available. Does this Crysis Remastered patch fix your concerns with it on Switch?

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