Crysis Remastered clip on Switch shows improved environment destruction

Crysis Remastered patch adds more options for gyroscopic aim improved-environment-destruction-in-crysis-remastered-nintendo-switch

A new clip shared by the official Crysis Twitter account gives us a look at the improved environment destruction in Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch. Despite Crytek initially stating there would be a delay, the game is still set to hit Switch later this month on July 23. It looks like Crytek is trying to appease fans following the feedback the game’s initial gameplay reveal garnered. This latest clip is only three seconds long though, being extremely specific in what it chooses to share.

While this isn’t the best-looking game we’ve seen on Nintendo Switch, it still looks fantastic. The improved environment destruction in Crysis Remastered comes across well, as the trees do indeed seem to be buckling and falling down when bullets break them apart. There’s no indication of how granular that destruction is though. I want to know if the trees will break apart further, or if this is as good as it gets.

If this is all that trees do, then it doesn’t bode well for other pieces of the environment. It’s all well and good having destructible buildings, but if it doesn’t look good then it may as well not be in the game. The Switch has games that set the benchmark for looks, and right now Crysis Remastered is behind them. It will be interesting to see just how deep the environmental destruction is when we finally play the game.


Jamie Sharp
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