CrossKrush is a puzzle game where old people blow up cars & kill people

CrossKrush Nintendo Switch release date October Ratalakia Games Thinice Games puzzle game Henry Florence blow up cars with canes and Tetris explosion gameplay

Ratalakia Games and Thinice Games are bringing CrossKrush to Nintendo Switch on Oct. 23, and the title of the game does not in any way do justice to what the game actually is. It’s a puzzle game where you play as old married couple Henry and Florence, who are deeply disturbed by the noisy new road that has been constructed in front of their home. All of the traffic from the road is so loud that it has interrupted their ability to listen to music and dance, so naturally, there is only one solution: extraordinary violence.

In a reportedly Tetris-like fashion, Henry and Florence will go about making cars explode in a row, presumably slaughtering whoever is inside them. They can also brutalize cars with their canes in order to “finish them off.” There are 10 levels of 10 puzzles each with optional two-player co-op and appearance customization options. There is also “catchy jazz music.” CrossKrush is not your daddy’s puzzle game (because it’s your grandpa’s).

I never thought the world needed a puzzle game about old people preserving their golden years by obliterating their neighbors in cute and comical fashion, but Ratalakia Games and Thinice Games have clearly proven me wrong.

CrossKrush will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Oct. 23. Per the trailer, it’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam as well.


John Friscia
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