Imitation = flattery: Animal Crossing gets amusing parody named Creature Street

Creature Street

If you exist, chances are you own a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And when a title becomes popular, cheap imitations are sure to follow suit. However, sometimes developers don’t program such bootlegs with ill intent. Such is the case with indie devs Albert Peter and Chris Taylor. The duo decided to have a bit of fun and created a parody of the sim called Creature Street: Population Dwindling.

Creature Street is so brilliant a name, I shed a tear

At first glance, Creature Street just looks like a crappy unofficial version of Animal Crossing. If you look deeper, though, there’s quite a bit of difference between the two titles. Instead of creating a utopia for your town’s residents, Creature Street casts you as a detective trying to unravel the murder of the mayor. Also, the game isn’t family-friendly. Expect dirty jokes and bloodshed should you decide to give the adventure a whirl.

If your interest is piqued, download the title here. It’s free of charge, with the name-your-price suggestion totally optional.

Enthusiasts, are you psyched to try your hand at Creature Street? Does the premise make you yearn for more games in the Phoenix Wright franchise? Let us know below.

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