Terror Squid lets you create your own bullet hell on Switch this spring

Terror Squid trailer Nintendo Switch spring

Developer Apt Games has announced that its reverse bullet hell shooter Terror Squid is coming to Nintendo Switch in spring 2020. The announcement was made through a bizarre new trailer for the game. While it does a terrific job of getting across the message that players are their own worst enemies, if you really think about it, it’s also completely terrifying. Check out the video below.

Terror Squid makes you the enemy

In Terror Squid, players begin each level on a blank sphere with creepy tentacles floating around it. As they move around the sphere they shoot bullets out behind them, creating obstacles that they must avoid as they travel around the sphere to the point they started from. What begins as a relatively slow-paced level with a fantastic ’80s-esque soundtrack quickly becomes the most stressful bullet hell shooter you’ve ever played, because every hazard is a direct result of your movements. Have a look at some actual, also-somewhat-scary gameplay.

The synth soundtrack quickly becomes too fast-paced as more and more obstacles build up in the level. What started as a serene experience is now a fight against yourself, and it only gets harder the more you dodge your initial line of obstacles. Each level is different, with some forcing players to create long walls that they must avoid, while others make the player drop wide individual walls that leave very little space to navigate between.

Terror Squid looks as though it will be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. The console’s compact size lends itself to sleepless nights spent in bed battling just one more level, when players should be sleeping, and tight controls look to make for many missed connections on countless daily commutes that will be extended by hours just to try to complete one more level.


Jamie Sharp
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