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Have you ever imagined being the architect of your own video game console? Clearly, the designers behind the Nintendo Switch hit a rich vein of gold with the wildly revered handheld/console hybrid design. But maybe you don’t want to “Soulja Boy” your own console. Maybe, you want to modify one you already have. Perhaps you’re looking at functional changes. Or, possibly, you just wish to make it look awesome and show off your creative and technical skills with your own killer console mods.

The world is full of those creative types who are capable of transferring their imaginative ideas into a true-blue physical product. With a bit of know-how and determination, perhaps you can too! My stage in life simply doesn’t afford me the time or capital to pursue such endeavors, but I admire those who can think up something crazy and test the boundaries of what’s possible – like the functional Wii built inside of an Altoids tin, for instance. With that being said, let’s look at some of the best console mods on the world wide web.

Nintendo Switch: GameCube dock mod

GameCube dock console mod

This one is very recent. Reddit user u/Littlewolf128 unveiled this beauty as a functionally capable dock designed with GameCube flair. While the GameCube exterior is quite endearing, that’s not even the best part. That award goes to those GameCube controller ports that actually work! This mod makes using GameCube controllers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate play easy. No adapters are required; just simply plug and play. For style and ease, I know that’d I’d purchase a dock like that over an adapter any day.

NES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themes

These two consoles claimed my adoration for their nostalgic trip and creativity. While there are no real functional changes for gaming purposes like the GameCube dock, the sleek Turtles vibe in both of these consoles and controllers is top-notch. I actually own the very TMNT van that was used to make the second console. Also, it is tubular how the designer, Platinumfungi, incorporated the selection screen from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game on the top of the more traditional NES console. And those panels are backlit, making this console a sight to behold in the dark.

Be sure to check out Platinumfungi’s page to see his work. Also, Custom NES Guy deserves credit as co-creator for the stellar paint jobs, working lights, and the controller ports on the van console. These consoles totally shout “Cowabunga!” in my book.

Portable Nintendo 64

Granted, we have the mobility of the Nintendo Switch and even the Nintendo 3DS with access to a handful of Nintendo 64 games. However, there still isn’t a portable that will give you access to the entire Nintendo 64 library like this one (provided you own the cartridges). That’s where this nifty little creation that was constructed over eight years ago comes in.

This one has been dubbed the Grape64 by its creator as it holds the translucent purple color from one of the official Nintendo 64 variations. The handheld perfectly embodies the aesthetic of the Nintendo 64 and its controls within the system’s compact design. The creator, Zachariah Cruse, provides a nice guide in the video above.


Portability is in high demand as we’ve seen with the success of Nintendo Switch. So, I can’t help but move onto yet another excellent portable mod, WiiBoy. The technical wizardry it takes to compact a Wii within a Game Boy case is astounding. But that is exactly what its creator, who goes by Gman, has done. The controls were, of course, adapted for Switch usage, and the case underwent several modifications to allow for an SD card reader, volume controls, and other internal hardware. Check out the video to see Mario Kart Wii in action.

Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet

This one is the mother of all mods. YouTuber and Nintendo enthusiast, Nintendrew, constructed this top-notch arcade cabinet for the Nintendo Switch. Simply dock a Switch cabinet and the hybrid console is instantly transformed into an arcade machine. The cabinet also contains a minifridge to keep all of your game fuel nice and chilly.

Nintendrew was generous enough to share his knowledge for folks who would like to construct their own cabinet. In his video covering the project, he provides step-by-step detail of the construction process as well as links and tips for where you can find the materials. He even provided his own blueprints for the cabinet itself. So, if this sizeable project interests you, be sure to watch the full video above.

These mods don’t even scratch the surface of what some of the creative types on the internet have been able to churn out. All it takes is a quick Google search to find some of the most inventive console mods you’ve ever seen. And, if you happen to consider yourself to be fairly inventive, maybe you’d like to try your hand at putting together your own console mod.

What sort of console mods would you find fascinating? Have you created your own console mod before? Be sure to let us know your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments section below!

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