One couple battles it out in Mario Kart 64 daily to determine who will make tea

There seems to be a trend this week with older people’s gaming habits with some popular Nintendo titles. First, we had the story about a grandmother who has played Animal Crossing: New Leaf since it came out and now we have this cute story. A couple has apparently played Mario Kart 64 every single day since 2001 to determine who will make the daily cup of tea.

The story first broke from Reddit user Bork1138, who posted the picture of his parents playing the second entry into the popular racing series.

Many called his bluff saying the picture was in fact staged but then he proved them wrong by reposting a picture that was taken back in 2004. Now that is true dedication and what many are calling “relationship goals.” It’s a cute little heartwarming story to start 2019 off.

I think it’s nice to see older players using these games in different ways. One user posted that he spotted the husband using a blue shell item. Bork1138 responded “Probably just timing of the photo, no blueys in battle thankfully. Breakup material if there was.”

Mario Kart 64 was a childhood favorite of mine and I still return to it from time to time. Hopefully, both are good racers otherwise one of them will be making a lot of cups of tea!


Tarah Bleier