Countdown website connected to The World Ends with You has emerged

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The Square Enix 1st Production Department Twitter, sporting a distinct badge as its profile image, has tweeted out a link to a countdown website seemingly involving The World Ends with You. The website offers only a dark silhouette of buildings with a countdown saying that currently 5 days and some odd hours and minutes remain, and there is one cool background song for you to listen to. Notably, the font of the numbers matches the font of numbers seen on protagonist Neku’s hand in the game that first appeared on Nintendo DS in 2007.

Additionally, according to Stealth on Twitter, The World Ends with You Director Tatsuya Kando has retweeted the countdown website, among other notable figures. All of these details in concert would suggest that whatever announcement is coming is not related to the recently revealed The World Ends with You anime. That’s not to guarantee a new video game announcement is imminent either, but there is reason to be hopeful.

When we spoke to Tetsuya Nomura back in September, he teased that he may have another game in development for Nintendo Switch aside from Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. He essentially teased the same thing again in a recent Japanese interview. Nomura was of course part of Square Enix’s creative team for The World Ends with You, so the stars really might be aligning this time with this enigmatic countdown website.

What are you hoping to see?


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