Enter the pricing horror: GameStop listing for Switch Resident Evil Origins Collection is costly


We’ve got a boatload of RE titles hitting the Switch in May. As fans of the series know, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil REmake, and Resident Evil 4 are some damn scary entries. Having the chance to scream out loud due to a zombie scare on the bus is going to be a wonderful gift from Capcom. Unfortunately, based on a GameStop pre-order listing, gamers might be shrieking about something else entirely: costly ports.

Prices are gouged instead of zombies

Take a look at GameStop’s listing for Resident Evil Origins Collection, which consists of RE0 and REmake:


$59.99?! These games are over 15 years old!

If you head over to the PlayStation Store, you can find both of these games for $19.99 each. Additionally, when this very same collection launched on older consoles, it was $39.99. The Switch tax is real, and it’s infuriating.

To make matters worse, it seems like this collection only has Resident Evil 0 on a physical cart, while REmake must be downloaded. Granted, this news is only confirmed for Japan as of now, but knowing Capcom’s track record, the west will probably have the same deal. Furthermore, Resident Evil 4 does not have a listing yet, which makes it highly likely it will be a download-only title.

If this costly price for Resident Evil Origins Collection turns out to be true, color me disappointed. I won’t be surprised, certainly, because we all remember Tropical Freeze. However, Nintendo and companies like Capcom are constantly porting older titles to Switch for full price. One can make an argument that this price gouging is worth it just to play some of these titles on the go. For me, though, I’d rather save money and enjoy the Resident Evil series at home on PS4.

Readers, how do you feel about this supposed pricey packaging of RE games? Leave us your insightful opinions with a comment down below.

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